Discount for Honolulu Marathon Runners!

We would like to celebrate our 2017 Honolulu Marathon participants by offering a special discount:

$16 per class


$30 for Pairs who come together

*excludes Beach and SUP Yoga classes

*mention the HNL Marathon to the receptionist at check-out

*offer valid until Dec. 12, 2017, must be a HNL Marathon participant


ホノマラ*ペア割*week! いよいよ12/10に迫ったホノルルマラソン in 2017。日本から毎年沢山の参加者がホノルルに訪れます。ヨガで当日の準備&疲労軽減!参加者はもちろん、応援される方にもお得なディスカウントを準備しました。 お二人同時参加で$6オフ!お一人でも$2オフ!ヨガでホノマラ準備!お見逃しなく〜。(12/12まで。スタジオレッスンのみ)

ハワイNo.1ストリート情報誌: アロハストリート Aloha Street さんにも掲載中です!

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1888 Kalakaua Ave., #C-307,

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Waikiki Landmark Building


★Detailed directions to the studio★

From Waikiki Beach

From Ala Moana




Parking Entrance is located on Ala Wai Blvd.  $0.50 - every 30min with validation or street parking.

Bike Racks located on Kalakaua Ave., behind the escalators.

Biki Station located on Kalakaua Ave.,

in front of the building.

Contact (for reservations)

Phone 808.726.0286

Line User ID : osh-yoga

Skype Name : osh96815

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Selected for the 2016, 2017 & 2019 Best Yoga Studio of Honolulu Awards!
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