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Bianca Mordasini (Bianca)


Bianca was born in New York City and was raised on the island of Oahu, fostering a love for the ocean, nature and physical exercise from her youth. Bianca started practicing yoga in college, which served as a fun way for her to release stress and decompress.

Stemming from this, yoga practice became deeply ingrained in her lifestyle, serving as a way to meld physical practice, mental stamina, deep focus and the breath to find harmony and balance. She truly believes that a regular yoga practice can provide numerous benefits to one’s physical body, mental health and overall well-being.   

After practicing for more than 10 years with various Honolulu-based instructors, in 2018, she received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification from Laura Mary Linsley. Her Power Yoga RYT training encompassed a heavy focus on anatomy, alignment and body mechanics, which she brings into her everyday practice and yoga teachings.

She hopes to inspire students to find “practice, not perfect” in their yoga journey, as well as provide a fun, yet challenging experience designed to fully engage their body, mind and breath connection. Students can expect to build strength, work on deeper postural alignment, practice inversions, as well as get a whole-body stretch in class. 

Outside of teaching and practicing yoga, you can find Bianca long-board surfing, soaking up the sun, spending time outdoors, making hand-made jewelry, and planning for her next international destination. You can also follow her on Instagram at @biancairisdesigns. Namaste! 

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