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Mayu Kawasaki (Mayu)

Mayu was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and just moved Oahu. Her yoga journey started in 2007, since then, she practiced with various styles and deepen her practice. Her yoga background is in Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Kids, senior, pregnancy. 

  In 2015, Mayu received 200-hour certification from Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga school in Kauai, Hawaii by Myra Lewin. Now she is currently working on her 600 hours Ayurveda counselor training.


Her focus is to share this space with students. A space where they can explore themselves and make their practice a place where they can be sustainable. 





2007年ヨガとの出会いから、一つの流派にとどまることなく様々な学びを得て、2015年、カウアイ島Hale Pule Ayurveda &Yoga school にて全米ヨガアライアンス修了。





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