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Tiffany Chen (Tiffany)


Tiffany figure skated competitively for eleven years and tried different practices such as ballet, pilates, and weight training to strengthen her skating skills. However, it was ultimately yoga that really stuck with her. Although many of her skills from figure skating transferred to her yoga practice, Tiffany found that the yoga community and lifestyle was so different from that of figure skating. It was a refreshing change from the competitive nature of the sport, in which she continuously put her body through so much stress and strain.  She loves how yoga is truly about being your best self and being kind to your body and mind!

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Tiffany works as a Real Estate Agent for List Sotheby's International Realty. Whether you are a student in her class or a client looking to take the next step in reaching your real estate goals, Tiffany will guide you through a focused experience from beginning to end and will be committed to growing this continuous relationship. She applies her principles of commitment, perseverance, flexibility, honesty, and patience both in the yoga studio and in her real estate career.

Tiffany’s intention is to inspire, encourage, and share the same physical and mental healing that she has received through her own practice to others! Instagram: @tiffanymikasana

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