I'm too busy to practice!

Ah, the holidays are here-the hap-happiest season of all! The happiest and for most of us the busiest as well. When we get busy it's easy to let things like our yoga practice go. I hear it all the time, "I just have so much going on right now" and I get it, there is a limited amount of time and a seeming endless list of things to do.

Here's why you should consider keeping your practice a priority: As well as being fun, your practice keeps you grounded and forces you take some time to yourself to be still and BREATHE. It replenishes you-fills your well, and allows you to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your list. Not to mention yoga puts you in a better mood and mindset so your loved ones love being around you a little more-who doesn't want that?

At the end of the day we are people, not yogic saints, so if your practice does get away from you, forgive yourself and know that it will always be there when you're ready to come back.

Happy Holidays!


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Parking Entrance is located on Ala Wai Blvd.  $0.50 - every 30min with validation or street parking.

Bike Racks located on Kalakaua Ave., behind the escalators.

Biki Station located on Kalakaua Ave.,

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